Governance Structure

Bluebirds is an incorporated association registered in Victoria pursuant to the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.  It is operated by a committee of dedicated volunteer members elected by the members at the annual general meeting held in late April or early May each year.

The committee is authorized to run the Club by the members in accordance with the rules of the Club.  The Committee is empowered to make by-laws and introduce or adopt policies and codes of practice.  The Committee may also adopt policies and codes of practice established by KDSA, Softball Victoria and Softball Australia as required.

Bluebirds Softball Club Division 2 Women - Premiers 2014

Bluebirds recognizes that good governance requires adequate future planning.  The Committee is currently developing a business plan, finance play and succession plan.  The aim is to plan for the future success of the Club through financial stability and security, growth in overall membership, player and volunteer numbers, and ensuring our volunteers are adequately trained to take on the variety of roles required to run a growing community group.  As these plans are implemented they will be available for access online.

Membership Structure

Bluebirds also understands that the future of the Club depends upon its members being integrally committed to the Club.  This requires the rights of financial members be given priority over those of players.  Bluebirds have recently adopted new rules in August 2014, that ensures that it is complying with its legislative obligations and to change the membership structure to make membership more open and to recognize its importance.  New by-laws have also been introduced to more clearly set out the roles of each of the Committee members.  The new rules also introduce positions designed specifically for our older junior members to ensure that our junior players have a voice at Committee level.

Rules, By-laws, Policies and Other Administrative Resources

These documents are available on our resources page.



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