Bluebirds players are obliged to wear the correct uniform when playing.  Not only does uniformity look good, but wearing the same uniform creates a feeling of team spirit.  We also hope this will also encourage players to become very passionate about their team and closely identify with other players.

In addition, for some families who are at the grounds all day (watching their children play and waiting to play themselves), it becomes easier to recognize their kids when they wander because of the uniform they are wearing.  This also allows other Club members to watch out for them also!

All items described on this page make up our uniform.  All items (except pants) can be purchased through the Club, however please note that the turnaround time to receive some items may be up to 8-9 weeks.  We can hire you a playing top in the meantime and you can pay the difference when it arrives.

Playing Uniform (mandatory to play)
  • Playing Tops: Purchase price is $65 which includes your name and selected number (subject to availability) on back.  Players are able to hire these tops at $30 plus $35 bond, which is refundable upon return of this top in good condition (at seasons end)
  • Pants: Women and girls wear three-quarter length plain navy softball pants with elasticized waist.  Men and boys may wear full length plan navy baseball pants.  Both styles of pants can be purchased with the following supplier (Fielders Choice, K2 Baseball or Ausport
  • Caps: Purchase price is $10.  New players however receive a cap upon payment of their fees in full. 
  • Socks: Purchase price is $10
Other Uniform Items (not mandatory)
  • Polo Shirts: Purchase price is $30.  Polo shirts are great for training and wearing to club functions
  • Hoodies: Purchase price is $50.  These hoodies are great for keeping warm on a cold day


Playing Pants
Polo Shirt
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